The Plot Thickens……Writing a Multiplication Book

15 Oct

In English today we studied plot.  After a quick review of setting and character we learned about the expositon, problem with rising action, climax and resolution or solution.  We used a graphic organizer of a mountain to help us visualize plot. 















Here is a link to an online  interactive activity we did that explains the elements of a story in detail using the Fairy Tale, Cinderella.    Later on this week we will be starting to write our own narratives with a focus on an exciting plot.

In math the class go an important assignment.  They are making a Multiplication Book.  All the work is to be done in class but the students may do some research at home.  This is the assignment here.  Multiplication Book Assignment  The assignment will be graded using this achievement chart.  Achievement Chart for Students

Here are the beginnings of our Multiplication Books (and our Plot Mountain randomly thrown in because I can’t get it out 🙂  it’s a learning curve for all of us). 

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One response to “The Plot Thickens……Writing a Multiplication Book

  1. charliebmj

    November 7, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    We use a plot but we call it a story moutian


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