Inquiry Based Learning and Technology

11 Dec


Ms. Little’s 5/6 class and Mme. Moar’s 1/2 class are working together on a two tiered water campaign. We are looking at water usage and conservation here in Canada and will be creating multi-media projects encouraging kids to use less water and to keep our water clean.

We will also create a campaign to raise awareness around issues of clean water in developing countries. One billion people do not have access to clean water!

Watch the blog for some of our projects. We will be using social media, regular media, and other media to spread the word.

Right now our inquiry is around awareness here in our school. On Friday we worked in groups to design surveys and we went around to ask questions in the classrooms. Afterwards we gathered to discuss our findings. We soon discovered there were several problems with our data. First, each group asked slightly different questions so we couldn’t compile the data together. Secondly, some classes had three or more groups come to survey and some had no groups come. Oh, no! We learned from our mistakes though and collectively designed a survey that we would all use. Today we assigned specific classes to groups so that we wouldn’t double up. The students came up with the solutions to our problems themselves, this is the beauty of inquiry based learning, it’s wonderful thing!

After we collected our data the students worked on creating little videos using apps like Sock Puppets and Draw and Tell. I will post some of these tomorrow (I have to sync all the iPads first).

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One response to “Inquiry Based Learning and Technology

  1. Sarah

    November 7, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    Dear Ms. Little’s Class
    I really liked your blog post about Inquiry Based Learning and Technology. I think it was really nice and all the information was clear. I think you could just change the order of the paragraphs. As I said before there were a lot of things that I liked about the writing one is that it talks about what you have been doing to bring awareness to your school. I think this is a really good blog post.- Sarah


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