Sharing Cookies, Comparing Fractions with like Denominators & Book Reports

26 Mar

For the past few days the students have been doing an activity called Sharing Cookies.  In this activity they show that they understand that fractions are equal pieces.  They choose a number of cookies to share amongst 3, for or 6 people.  The number of cookies cannot be a multiple of the number of people sharing (this is so the cookies have to be cut up into fractioinal pieces).  The fraction each person gets must be written as a mixed number and an improper fraction.  Here are some examples:


sharing cookies 1 shairng cookies3 sharing cookies2



Next we talked about how to compare fractions that have the same denominator.  We notices that if the denominator is the same, then all the pieces are the same size.  Therefore, we can look at the numerator to tell us the size of the fraction.  The larger the numerator, the larger the fraction is.  This ONLY works when the denominators are the same.


Tomorrow we will explore how to compare fractions when the denominators are different!



In English the students are finishing up their book reports. 

book report

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