The Art of Persuasion – More Than Just a Jedi Mind Trick

17 Apr

darth vader


The students have been working on a persuasive writing piece for quite awhile now. We’ve gone through the first draft and peer revision. Some have posted their final drafts on their blogs. I’m hopeful that all the final drafts will be on the blogs by the end of this week.

Persuasion is everywhere in our society. Everywhere. Companies, governments, peers, colleagues, friends, mentors; all try to persuade us of something. It’s important for us to understand persuasion so we can deconstruct it and analyse it. This is why we will be commenting on one another’s persuasive blog posts. The students will be using the comments to argue against all the points made in the post. I want the students to purposely choose a post they agree with so that they have to work to come up with counter points.

Hopefully this task will open their minds to different perspectives and maybe blur the line between black and white a little.

Stay tuned and link to the class blogs via the tab on the right.  The posts and the comments will be grade using this rubric.

We’ll be following this up with media analysis of ads and public service announcements. We’ve already talked about how statistics and graphs are manipulated for persuasion and we will look at that in depth.

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