Place Value & Reading Numbers

17 Sep

For the past week or so we have been looking at place value in math class.  The students came up with this definition:

Place Value:  The value given to a digit based on its place in a number.

We often use place value charts to help us read and understand numbers.


We are using interactive math journals this year.  I got the idea from Jen at Runde’s Room .  I really like them because they are interactive, hands on and the students reflect on their learning on the left side of the page.  I think that reflection really helps them to deepen their understanding of concepts.

Here is an example of our first entry on place value:

Place Value note


place value reflection

This is an example of the entry we did yesterday on different ways to show numbers, number forms:


We also played a game today called six digit traveller.

Each player gets six cards (only use A-9) and makes a six digit number.

Players take turns rolling a 9 sided die.

If a player rolls a 2, s/he look at his/her number to see if there is a digit 2.  If they s/he one s/he says the place of the digit and the value of the digit.  For example, if their number is 45 268 the player would say I have a 2 in the hundreds place and its value is 200.  Here they are enjoying the game:



The grade 4s are doing the same activities but their place value goes up to 10 000 whereas the grade 5s go up to 100 000 (but we look at millions too just for fun!).

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One response to “Place Value & Reading Numbers

  1. Diego

    November 7, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    Hello my name is Diego, I’m a 6th grader at Poughkeepsie Day School, I’m a writer for Shirley’s 6th grade blog. I really like this post, the chart in the beginning is really clear and very helpful. I really like how you have pictures and examples of what you did though you could update the pictures as you go, but you have a good description above each picture which helps me understand. It’s really nice how you included a game, and how to play it in detail, so that anyone who sees it can play it. I tried the game and it was pretty fun.
    Thank you,


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