Paragraph Writing & Word Work

30 Sep

Toay the grade 4s continued to work on their paragraphs of the week.  The first stage is brainstorming ideas on a topic.  The topic for this paragraph is my favourite subject.  The students record all their ideas for later use:


  Step two is to write the detail sentence.  Each detail also requires and explanation so the graphic organizer we use has two parts for each detail:


Both the grade 5s & the 4s are starting their word work.  Word work is phonics, spelling, etymology, word structure, etc.  I have done a pre-test which shows me strengths and areas to work on for both decoding and encoding words.  Decoding is what we use when we are reading, we break the word down into smaller parts, or phonemes.  Encodign is what we are doing when we spell, we are using our knowledge of phonemes (sounds of letters and letter combinations) and graphemes (the written expression of the sounds) to spell words.  This is not as simple as just knowing that s says sssssss because s says more than just sssss.  It also says z, as in museaum, and zh, as in measure.  We combine consonants to make blends (cl as in clip) and new sounds (as in ch, chew).  English also combines vowels in many different ways.  Our word work books will help the students to learn the rules and patterns of English.  

Here is a photo of the pre-test analysis for a grade 5 student.  You can see that it clearly shows decoding strenghts and areas of need:


These photos are of the Word Work book.  Each lesson has a rule or pattern which is stated in a box on the top of the page.  The practice work follows the rule(s) or patterns.   The Orange book is grade 4 and the green is grade 5.

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2 responses to “Paragraph Writing & Word Work

  1. iramkissoon

    October 2, 2013 at 12:37 am

    I like how theres pictures videos and words. Not just pictures. I like that theres a lot of good explaining for each picture. 🙂

  2. Corinna

    November 7, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    I really liked how you showed how you wrote your paragraphs. It showed me a helpful and a good strategy for writing a paragraph, that I might actually use! I also liked how you used an example of the steps. I thought that whoever wrote that paragraph, is a very good writer. I liked the amount of pictures and would like to learn more about your paragraph. Nice job! 🙂


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