Reading Logs

15 Nov

Both the grade fours and fives write reading logs.  The fives have been doing them for about six weeks and the fours have just begun.  With both classes we started by writing a reading log together based on books I read aloud.


The grade fours and I co-wrote a reading log about Teammates, a book about Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese taking a stand against racism.


photo (5)


All the reading logs follow the same letter format.  They all have a brief summary, a reaction to the book, thoughts on the book based on a prompt and a description of a reading strategy used while reading the book.


Here is the reading log we wrote for Teammates :


photo (6)


The reading logs demonstrate the students’ understanding of their reading in several ways.   Summarizing shows a literal understanding of the text.  A personal reaction demonstrates how they process how they read; can they relate to the characters, make connections to their own lives or other books they have read or movies they’ve watched.   The prompts elicit thoughts on a variety of topics such as character, writer’s craft, questions about the text, etc.  Finally, they write about a reading strategy they used while reading.  We study reading strategies such as making connections, inferring, visualizing, monitoring comprehension,  synthesizing and critiquing.  So far the grade fours have learned about making connections and visualizing so they would choose one of those two.




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