24 Nov

The grade 5s have been working on Patterning & Algebra for the past week and the 4s are starting tomorrow.

Our student teacher, Ms. Schinkel, has been teaching this unit and is doing a fabulous job!

In grade 5 the students learn how to use a table of values to determine pattern rules. We started out by playing “Guess My Rule”. Guess my Rule has an input/output machine. You put a number in and the machine spits out a new number, based on a pattern rule.





There are three types of rules.  In grade 5 we look at two (from Emily’s notebook).


The recursive rule (from Emily’s notebook):

photo (2)

The explicit rule is the relationship between the input number and the output number:


photo (1)


The Algebraic Rule is an algebraic expression:  3x

Here’s a fun online Guess My Rule game for practice.


Tomorrow we will use what we have learned to solve the problem of how many table we need at a dinner party.



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