Grade 4 are inferring & patterning!

04 Dec

In English Ms. Schinkel is teaching the class about inferring.  Inferring is a very important reading comprehension skill.  When reading we read between the lines, connecting our background knowledge to the information in the text to make inferences.


In this activity there is a mystery with clues that come in Postcards.  Ella has gone missing!  Where could she be?  Read the clues on the cards to solve the mystery using inferring.

inferring inferring2 inferring3 inferring4 inferring5 inferring6

In math we are working on patterning and algebra.  For this activity the students designed a growing pattern with a letter from the alphabet.  Their pattern had to grow (have more squares each term).  They made a table of values for their pattern and wrote the pattern rule.  They also had to predict what the 5th term would be.

Pattering2 patterining patternig7 patterning3 patterning4 patterning5 patterning6 patterning8

Next, they walked around the class looking at their friends patterns.  They had to figure out the pattern rule from the drawing of the growing pattern.

patterning13 patterning12 patterning10 patterning9 patterning 11

If we look at Dusty’s patter here we can see that it starts with 7 squares making his u and he adds 6 more squares each time the pattern grows (each term):


Here is what the table of values looks like:


In grades 4 & 5 the curriculum expectations are to predict a term number that can be easily figured out by extending the pattern in the term value column (adding 6 each time).  By grade 6 the expectation is to use the algebraic equation to find other terms, like the 100th term or even the 1000th term.  In this case I’ve written the algebraic expression at the bottom of the table of values:  6x+1 so the 100th term would be 6 x 100 + 1 = 601 There would be 601 squares in the 1ooth letter u made with tiles.


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