Writing & Speeches

15 Jan

Both the grade fours and fives are working on writing pieces that will become their speeches.  Grade fours are doing informational writing and the grade fives are doing persuasive writing.

Here is our timeline for both classes.

Outline complete                                                      Jan. 17

Rough draft complete                                            Jan. 24

Good Copy & cue cards complete                      Jan. 30

In class presentations                                             Feb.  6 & 7

School competition                                                Feb. 11

Grade 4 – Informational Report

The grade fours have all chosen a topic and we have begun the planning process.  Yesterday we brainstormed together on the topic of Gym.  The students all wrote down something to do with the gym on a stick note and stuck it on our brainstorming chart.


Next, we looked at the ideas and tried to categorize them by similarity.  We decided on three main ideas:  Activities in the the gym, uses for the gym and equipment in the gym.


Next, we looked at our graphic organizer and started putting the ideas onto it.  This is the outline for our writing.

Gym Graphic Organizer

Our goal is to have this outline complete by Friday.

Grade Fives – Persuasive

The grade fives are writing persuasive pieces.  They are trying to convince their audience of an opinion.

First we discussed different reasons to persuade and types of persuasive texts (including advertisements).


We talked about strategies that authors use in their writing to persuade people.

Pathos:  Using emotions to persuade, trying to get your audience to feel angry, sad, happy,guilty…. about an issue.  For example, if you want someone to donate to the cause of pet shelters you might paint a sad picture of animals lives to convince your audience to help.

  • Research:  People are often convinced by research and data.  Graphs can be very persuasive.  This will tie into math later when we study data management.  It’s important to know how data can be manipulated to further a cause.
  • Experts/Celebrities:  Using the names and opinions of famous people or “experts” can be very convincing.  Quotes are often used in persuasive writing.
  • Ethos:  Convincing your audience that you are sincere and believable builds trust and confidence in the author and is persuasive.
  • Kairos:  A sense of urgency.  If you don’t act now, something bad will happen or you will lose and opportunity.  This strategy is often used for sales and by telemarketers.

Here is an overview of the graphic organizer for he grade fives.  I re-created it onto several pages so they have more room to write.

persuasive graphic o

I will change it slightly to have a separate paragraph for the counter-argument and rebuttal.


We looked at a mentor persuasive texts about uniforms in schools.  We analyzed the text, finding the reasons and then the details that support the reasons.   



We also analyzed the text for the use of persuasive strategies.  

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  1. jonathan

    October 3, 2014 at 4:51 pm

    thanx for the extra math help it was useful


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