Book Reports – Fun Ones!!!!

19 Feb

Both the fives and fours are doing book reports.  The fives are doing book trailers and the fours are doing dodecahedron reports!

First the grade fours:

I found this awesome idea on Teaching by the Sea, another teacher’s blog which led me to yet another blog and the printables, created by  Mr. Hughes who blogs at An Educator’s Life, which I bought from the online store Teachers Pay Teachers.  Please link to Teaching by the Sea to look at finished projects, they are beautiful!  I will post photos of our when we are done.

Grade fives:

Today we watched several book trailers to discover what made them effective.  We watched the trailer for Wonder many times because it is such a good example.  Here is what we came up with:

Success Criteria for excellent book trailers:

  • interesting font
  • relevant text
  • appropriate & catchy music
  • the film clips or photos matched the narration or the text
  • they used pathos – appealed to our emotions
  • highlighted the settings from the book
  • highlighted characters from the book
  • used special effects like slow motion, transitions, camera angles, etc.
  • built suspense about what might happen in the book
  • showed the cover and author

Once again, here is the trailer for Wonder:


Here is another site called Slime Kids where we saw many excellent trailers that were created by students. There are many different ways to create a good trailer!  This is going to be fun!

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