Back in the Saddle

09 Feb

I haven’t posted at all this school year.  There are many reasons, but the biggest were time and lack of readership from my target audience.  However, I’m back.  I’ve had a big move into grade 8 and the high school and I’m feeling motivated to blog again.

Learning is messy.  Especially project-based & inquiry learning.  It’s hard to switch over from more traditional teaching and learning because we have less control as teachers and students have more control which they are not used to having.  It’s scary.

I’ve been following the blogs of many Canadian teachers for years.  I’ve met many of them at conferences and workshops. They continually inspire me to try new things.  Here are just a few examples:

Shelley Wright

Heidi Siwak  a teacher in Dundas, Ontario whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  Her work with integrative thinking is truly amazing.

Kristen Wideen – a primary teacher who does the most incredible stuff in her class.  Wow!

Danika Barker Tipping – a high school English teacher who has been an inspiration and great help to me.  We even fought zombies together on the Ontario Northlander train!

Kyle Pearce – Wow!  His site with 4 part math lessons based on Dan Meyer’s are unbelievable.  Talk about motivating!


These are just some of the incredible educator’s who inspire me.  I follow many more on Twitter and you can see my lists if you go to my Twitter page.



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