Student Blogging Challenge

23 Mar

We are joining the Student Blogging Challenge.  We’ve been off to a bit of a rocky start with our blogs as our first platform company suddenly decided to charge money so we decided to switch over to Blogger.  Blogger is a better platform anyway though and is part of the whole Google system that we are using in class so it really worked out for the best.  It has just delayed us a bit.


The Challenge is a way for teachers and students from around the world to connect and learn about blogging whilst learning about one another and different cultures.  Blogging gives students a genuine audience for their writing, an audience that can give feedback.  An important part of the challenge is commenting on other blogs thus improving our communication skills.


Every week there are a variety of blogging challenges to choose from.  In the beginning, we write about ourselves, how to leave quality comments and about Copywrite law and proper attribution.  Then we get into deeper issues and ideas.  I am excited about the challenge and we have already connected with a class in New Zealand, Mrs. Hogg’s class which is an International Baccalaureate PYP class.






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4 responses to “Student Blogging Challenge

  1. Ethyn G

    March 30, 2015 at 11:23 pm

    Hi Ms. Little!

    My name is Ethyn and I am in your new blog partners class!
    Your class’s blog is very thorough and has a lot of information about your class.
    Us kids are taking the time to write comments on your blog to get conversations started and connections to be made.

    I hope you and your class will have the time to comment on ours too! Your blog is defiantly worth commenting on. Since we are in New Zealand our school started the first term on February, so our class has just begun, so has our blog (even though we have 4 more days of school until the 2 week holiday).
    You could leave us some tips!

    Class Blog

    • James

      March 31, 2015 at 4:44 am

      Hi there, I’m also in room 10 with Ethyn.

      It’s good to see plenty of classes getting in on the fun with the student blogging challenge, I hope you enjoy it.

      I’ve looked at the blogs that are currently linked, and they look like they’re coming along nicely.

  2. Jackson

    March 31, 2015 at 6:55 am

    Hi my name is Jackson and I am in Ethyn’s class. Our class is very excited to have a blogging partner. I have had a look through your blog, and it definitely looks worth commenting on. I like the post about reading. I agree that everyone should read at least 20 minutes per day, or maybe even more! As you can see I obviously love reading. Your blog is about schoolwork, which I found really interesting. Could you write some stuff about what Canada’s like, as I’d love to know what it’s like over there. I hope you can take the time to comment on our blogs. Here’s my blog address:

    • Jiarn

      March 31, 2015 at 6:33 pm

      Hello, my name is Jiarn and I am in room 10 also. I have looked through your blog and you guys look like you put up a lot of your work on your blog. The information is very in depth and easy to understand. I’m very excited to have a blogging partner as we can exchange comments, share opinions and much more.

      My Blog:


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