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Revising & Editing Persuasive Writing + Fractions Test

In English we have been discussing revising & editing and how they are similar and diferrent. Editing is correcting errors in writing conventions such as:

  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • sentence structure
  • grammar
  • usage



Revising is about making the content better using five of the six traits of good writing:



The students wrote a rough draft of a persuasive piece about a topic they cared about.  Some chose child labour, the water crisis, gaming in school, school uniforms…  They had to peer edit and revise with a partner.  Final drafts will be turning up on the students’ individual blogs soon. 


Fractions Test on Tuesday, April 9th.  There is a take home review package.  The students are also making All About Fractions books which review all the required concepts; see the last blog post for examples.  Here is the checklist they were given for their Fraction Books:

Fractions Checklist


The Plot Thickens……Writing a Multiplication Book

In English today we studied plot.  After a quick review of setting and character we learned about the expositon, problem with rising action, climax and resolution or solution.  We used a graphic organizer of a mountain to help us visualize plot. 















Here is a link to an online  interactive activity we did that explains the elements of a story in detail using the Fairy Tale, Cinderella.    Later on this week we will be starting to write our own narratives with a focus on an exciting plot.

In math the class go an important assignment.  They are making a Multiplication Book.  All the work is to be done in class but the students may do some research at home.  This is the assignment here.  Multiplication Book Assignment  The assignment will be graded using this achievement chart.  Achievement Chart for Students

Here are the beginnings of our Multiplication Books (and our Plot Mountain randomly thrown in because I can’t get it out 🙂  it’s a learning curve for all of us). 

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Quadblogging & a Math Test

We have a math test tomorrow.  The students have been reviewing since Friday and seem to be ready.  Topics covered are place value, ordering numbers, multiplying using different strategies and using mental math to multiply (explaining your thinking).


I am very excited that we have joined Quadblogging.  We have teamed up with three other schools around the world and we will take turns focussing on one classes blog.  For example, we will all be looking at 5Ts blog this week.  5T is a class from Birmingham, England.  The other three classes will be reading their blog and commenting on it.  We are learning about how to give postive and specific feedback in our comments.   Check out 5Ts site here.  They have some great weather presentation videos!

In English we looked at the rubric for reading logs.  We will be spending time this week examining our own reading logs and our peers reading logs and using the rubric to improve them and get to an A!

The reading log rubric is here.


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Diagnostic Assesments & We got a comment on our blog! From Australia!

Today we bagan a diagnostic assessment in math. It is like a test but the purpose is for me to determine strengths and areas for improvement. We will finish this up tomorrow and begin to work on numeration skills on Monday to address any areas that need it.

In English we continued to work on independent reading. The grade 5s wrote me two paragraphs about themselves so that I can learn about them and assess their writing, again looking for strengths and areas for improvement.

All these dianostic assessments help me to plan a programme that specifically meets the needs of each and every student in my class. I will begin reading assessments next week.

The most exciting news of the day is that we got a comment on our blog! A grade 5 class in Austaralia commented and asked us some questions. We commented on their blog today and we are hoping to set up regular communication to learn about one another and our respective countries. Please check out their comment on yesterday’s blog post.


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