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Student Blogging Challenge

We are joining the Student Blogging Challenge.  We’ve been off to a bit of a rocky start with our blogs as our first platform company suddenly decided to charge money so we decided to switch over to Blogger.  Blogger is a better platform anyway though and is part of the whole Google system that we are using in class so it really worked out for the best.  It has just delayed us a bit.


The Challenge is a way for teachers and students from around the world to connect and learn about blogging whilst learning about one another and different cultures.  Blogging gives students a genuine audience for their writing, an audience that can give feedback.  An important part of the challenge is commenting on other blogs thus improving our communication skills.


Every week there are a variety of blogging challenges to choose from.  In the beginning, we write about ourselves, how to leave quality comments and about Copywrite law and proper attribution.  Then we get into deeper issues and ideas.  I am excited about the challenge and we have already connected with a class in New Zealand, Mrs. Hogg’s class which is an International Baccalaureate PYP class.






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We Act Club & Grade 4 Reading Fluency Part 2

On Friday, some members of the We Act Club (who are also in my grade 4 & 5 class) presented our latest campaign at the Student of the Month assembly.

They rocked it!  I am so proud of them!

This morning Bowe & Olivia did a superb job on the announcements.


After practising reading the poem aloud for a week the grade 4s recorded themselves again and then rated their fluency.  Most improved a lot.


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More Water Crisis Media

Here are some more of our media projects.

GLOGS (please click on link to see them.


We Walk 4 Water – Water Campaign Launch

After a lot of fun and a lot of work we are ready to launch our water campaign.  

The grade 5/6 students have been working with Mme Moar’s class to create a campaign to raise awareness about the water crisis.  The students learned together about how difficult it is to access clean water in some developing countries.  We also learned about how buying disposable water bottles here at home has many negative impacts on the environment.  Even in Canada, the land of water, we need to conserve. 

On Thursday, May 16th we will be walking to the Lake to collect water.  We will carry large jugs to fill up and carry back to emulate the conditions for women and girls in developing countries.  Except our walk is shorter and our load will be lighter.  We are hoping the radio will play our ad and the local paper will turn up.  Our walk is on the same day that Spencer West’s walk ends.  He has been walking from Edmonton to Calgary to raise money for Free the Children’s campaign for clean water.  His walk is called We Walk 4 Water and can be found here.  Spencer is very inspiring and our classes watched his talk from We Day last year. 

For the next few days I will be posting the students work.  Some photos of poster, some videos, a radio ad, GLOGS and stop-motion animation.


FaceTime Chat with Matt Henderson about Colonialism & Idle No More

Today our class had a Facetime chat with Matt Henderson, a friend of mine who is a teacher in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I met Matt this past summer at Unplug’d 2012, an amazing PD experience you can read all about here.

The students and I have been watching films, reading articles and discussing colonialism and Idle No More for the past few weeks.  We are learning about how the government of Canada treated the indigenous peoples of Canada and how that has affected their culture, families and individuals.   Matt helped our class by explaining what he knows about colonial history in Canada, particularly Manitoba, but also the Maritmes, Ontario & Quebedc and the west.   Matt also explained that the Idle No More movement is about people taking a stand to effect change.  Taking a stand to right the wrongs of the past and to work together as Canadians to change the present.  Deciding that it’s not OK to subjugate others and reaching out to support our fellow human beings. 


One of our goals with this exploration is to understand perspective and prejudice and to try our very best to form opinions about issues and people only after we have valid information about them.    This is taking a critical stance, examining an issue, synthesizing all the information, and developing an informed opinion.

 open mind quote

We watched this CBC Doczone episode to help us understand modern First Nation people’s lives.


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Digital Citizenship


We have talked about digital citizinship a lot this year. It is critical that our students and children learn to be repsonsible digital citizens. The internet is a powerful tool for learning and creating but it must be used safely and responsibly. Over the next few weeks we will be discussing and learning about how to stay safe and behave while online. The students will learn about the importance of a positive digital footprint. We started today by watching this video.

Here is a link to a wiki with links to websites with digital citizenship games, activities and information for children of all ages and adults.…Sites

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Theme, Water & A Contest

In English we talked about Literary Themes. Ms. Little read the book Teammates by Peter Golenbock.


We discussed what the Themes in the book are, here is a reading log discussing theme in Teammates and


Both have the theme of racism, equity and taking a stand for something you believe in.  Read this reading log describing the themes:


Here is the anchor chart we created listing some common literary themes:


We will continue to work with theme for the next few weeks.

We are also starting to work on a campaign to raise awareness about water and water scarcity in the world.  This unit will integrate English, French, Math, Media and Social Studies and our character trait for December, compassion.  We will be creating a variety of multi-media presentations to spread the word locally and globally.  We launced today by watching this:

There was a class discussion about what made this video effective and the students had lots of observations about how the images, text, sound, music and narrative were used to create an effective video about water scarcity and possible solutions.

We filled charts to calculate our water usage footprint – it’s not pretty, many of us use upwards of 200 litres of water per day!

We will also be creating a video of this project to enter a contest to win more technology for our school.


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