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Decimals & Our Persuasive Pieces are Live on the Blogs

Please head over to the students’ individual blogs by clicking on Our Class Blogs to the right.  You will have to click on the link and then you will be there!  I know the students would love to have you chime in with your opinion on the topics they have chosen to write about.  Let them know if they have been persuasive and try to persuade them of your opinion.


Here are some videos of students solving decimal riddles.  Following that will be an explantion of some of  the concepts we are studying. 

We have been learning about decimals for about a week now.    We have worked on the following decimal principles (from Marion Small, Big Ideas from Dr. Small):

  1. Using decimals extends the place value system to represent poarts of a whole. 

2.  The base ten place value system is built on symmetry around the ones place.

3.  Decimals can represent parts of a whole, as well as whole numbers or mixed numbers. 

4.  Decimals can be interpreted and read in more than one way.  For example, students should be comfortable reading 3.2 as  32 tenths AND 32 hundredths.  We try to avoid using the terms 3 point 2 or 3 decimal 2.    Decimals can be modeled with money, base ten blocks, ten-frames and more. 

ten frame

represent many ways

5.  Decimals can be renamed as other decimals or fractions. 

decimal fraction

More to come this week – estimating – VERY IMPORTANT!


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