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We Act Club & Grade 4 Reading Fluency Part 2

On Friday, some members of the We Act Club (who are also in my grade 4 & 5 class) presented our latest campaign at the Student of the Month assembly.

They rocked it!  I am so proud of them!

This morning Bowe & Olivia did a superb job on the announcements.


After practising reading the poem aloud for a week the grade 4s recorded themselves again and then rated their fluency.  Most improved a lot.


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Beginning our Routines

Today we started to learn our Math and Language Arts (English) routines.

In math I use a three-part lesson. The first part is a “minds on” activity that warms up our brains for the main course. Then we have the lesson which can be in the form of a problem to solve, a game, practice, review, etc. Finally, there is the consolidation where we discuss and write about what we have learned that day (or for the past few days if the lesson takes longer). The lessons will be differentiated by grade and by readiness level of the students. Today we played a game called “Get to 1000”. This game reinforces multiplying and adding skills, problem solving and strategizing.

Get to 1000

Materials Needed:

One die for each pair.

Directions for playing:

1. Player, in pairs, take turns rolling a die. On each roll, each player decides separately whether he or she wants to multiply the number on the die by 1, 10, or 100.

2. Each player records the rsulting product on a piece of paper.

3. Players continue to roll, multiply, and record their products until they each have ten products on their paper. (5 times each)

4. Each player finds the sum of their products. The one whose final score is closer to 1000 wins.

In English we learned about meta-cognition, thinking about our thinking while we read. Good readers use many strategies to help them understand the text. We will be learning about and using many strategies this year.

We also started our Daily Five routines which are outlined here:

We have just begun our Daily 5 and CAFÉ adventure! This is the reading and writing program implemented in my classroom.

Daily 5 is the structure we will use to plan our morning. Children will be busy completing meaningful literacy tasks. The choices will be:

Read to self
Work on writing
Word Work
Listen to reading
Read to Someone

Right now, we are focusing on increasing our stamina to work independently during Read to Self and Read to Someone. Within the next few months, the other choices will be introduced. While the students are completing their literacy tasks, I will be meeting with small groups and conferencing with individual students.

Daily 5 is how we schedule our language block. CAFÉ is what we study during this time. CAFÉ is an acronym for the four major components of reading. They are:

C for Comprehension
A for Accuracy
F for Fluency
E for Expanding Vocabulary

The children will learn reading strategies within each category. These strategies will become tools for the children to use to help themselves become better readers and writers. I will keep you informed when new strategies are introduced. Then, when you read with your child at home, you will be able to reinforce these concepts.

It is going to be exciting to watch your child’s reading and writing skills blossom throughout the year. If you have any questions regarding this program, please ask. I am always enthusiastic to share what I know about Daily 5 and CAFÉ!

We had a good day!


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