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FaceTime Chat with Matt Henderson about Colonialism & Idle No More

Today our class had a Facetime chat with Matt Henderson, a friend of mine who is a teacher in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I met Matt this past summer at Unplug’d 2012, an amazing PD experience you can read all about here.

The students and I have been watching films, reading articles and discussing colonialism and Idle No More for the past few weeks.  We are learning about how the government of Canada treated the indigenous peoples of Canada and how that has affected their culture, families and individuals.   Matt helped our class by explaining what he knows about colonial history in Canada, particularly Manitoba, but also the Maritmes, Ontario & Quebedc and the west.   Matt also explained that the Idle No More movement is about people taking a stand to effect change.  Taking a stand to right the wrongs of the past and to work together as Canadians to change the present.  Deciding that it’s not OK to subjugate others and reaching out to support our fellow human beings. 


One of our goals with this exploration is to understand perspective and prejudice and to try our very best to form opinions about issues and people only after we have valid information about them.    This is taking a critical stance, examining an issue, synthesizing all the information, and developing an informed opinion.

 open mind quote

We watched this CBC Doczone episode to help us understand modern First Nation people’s lives.


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Colonialism & Skype


Today we took a look at colonialism.  I wanted the class to have a little background on the subject before our upcoming Skype call with Matt Henderson, a teacher in Winnipeg. 

We watched the following film clips and discussed colonialism inworld & Canadian history.



We discussed how colonizers want the other regions for their wealth and for more land for their people.  How the colonizers usually sujugate the people who were already there.  How colonizers impose thier own laws and cultures on the people.  This has happend time and again throughout history.  We discussed the colonization of the native peoples of Canada.

On Monday we will Skype with Matt Henderson to discuss the Idle No More movement and the reasons behind it. 


This will also be good background information for the new Social Studies unit the grade 6s are starting in French Immersion, Native Peoples and Explorers.  The grade 5s will be studying Ancient Civilizations which also included colonial rule;  Mesopotamians, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans & more. 


We will try to look at colonialism from different perspectives and reflect on it critically.  Examining perspective,  bias and personal opinion.  The students will be expected to take a critical stance on an issue.


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