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More Water Crisis Media

Here are some more of our media projects.

GLOGS (please click on link to see them.


We Walk 4 Water – Water Campaign Launch

After a lot of fun and a lot of work we are ready to launch our water campaign.  

The grade 5/6 students have been working with Mme Moar’s class to create a campaign to raise awareness about the water crisis.  The students learned together about how difficult it is to access clean water in some developing countries.  We also learned about how buying disposable water bottles here at home has many negative impacts on the environment.  Even in Canada, the land of water, we need to conserve. 

On Thursday, May 16th we will be walking to the Lake to collect water.  We will carry large jugs to fill up and carry back to emulate the conditions for women and girls in developing countries.  Except our walk is shorter and our load will be lighter.  We are hoping the radio will play our ad and the local paper will turn up.  Our walk is on the same day that Spencer West’s walk ends.  He has been walking from Edmonton to Calgary to raise money for Free the Children’s campaign for clean water.  His walk is called We Walk 4 Water and can be found here.  Spencer is very inspiring and our classes watched his talk from We Day last year. 

For the next few days I will be posting the students work.  Some photos of poster, some videos, a radio ad, GLOGS and stop-motion animation.


Colonialism & Skype


Today we took a look at colonialism.  I wanted the class to have a little background on the subject before our upcoming Skype call with Matt Henderson, a teacher in Winnipeg. 

We watched the following film clips and discussed colonialism inworld & Canadian history.



We discussed how colonizers want the other regions for their wealth and for more land for their people.  How the colonizers usually sujugate the people who were already there.  How colonizers impose thier own laws and cultures on the people.  This has happend time and again throughout history.  We discussed the colonization of the native peoples of Canada.

On Monday we will Skype with Matt Henderson to discuss the Idle No More movement and the reasons behind it. 


This will also be good background information for the new Social Studies unit the grade 6s are starting in French Immersion, Native Peoples and Explorers.  The grade 5s will be studying Ancient Civilizations which also included colonial rule;  Mesopotamians, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans & more. 


We will try to look at colonialism from different perspectives and reflect on it critically.  Examining perspective,  bias and personal opinion.  The students will be expected to take a critical stance on an issue.


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Today we all joined Edmodo which is a social networking site designed for education. We have a class group which is totally private. There are a lot of really amazing feature that will help our class to stay organized and to collaborate. Here are a few:

  • Calendar where assignments are posted.
  • Posts – I can post links to helpful review and content sites. Students can post sites or ask questions at any time. Parents who join can post questions and comments also.
  • Marks – I can enter marks for assignments which students and parents can view, this is private of course.
  • Parent access. Parents can sign up and check out what’s going on, this along with the blog will keep parents fully informed of everything that is going on.

Here is a link to more information about Edmodo’s features



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Digital Citizenship


We have talked about digital citizinship a lot this year. It is critical that our students and children learn to be repsonsible digital citizens. The internet is a powerful tool for learning and creating but it must be used safely and responsibly. Over the next few weeks we will be discussing and learning about how to stay safe and behave while online. The students will learn about the importance of a positive digital footprint. We started today by watching this video.

Here is a link to a wiki with links to websites with digital citizenship games, activities and information for children of all ages and adults.…Sites

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Our 21st Century Classroom Video Entry

We submitted our video entry for the 21st Century Mindshare Learning Video contest. We learned about the contest about three weeks ago and decided to do our best to create an entry. I am very proud of the work the students did in a short period of time to get this video completed. I know they had lots of fun doing it and we will continue to have fun and learn as we move forward with our Water campaign project.

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Inquiry Based Learning and Technology


Ms. Little’s 5/6 class and Mme. Moar’s 1/2 class are working together on a two tiered water campaign. We are looking at water usage and conservation here in Canada and will be creating multi-media projects encouraging kids to use less water and to keep our water clean.

We will also create a campaign to raise awareness around issues of clean water in developing countries. One billion people do not have access to clean water!

Watch the blog for some of our projects. We will be using social media, regular media, and other media to spread the word.

Right now our inquiry is around awareness here in our school. On Friday we worked in groups to design surveys and we went around to ask questions in the classrooms. Afterwards we gathered to discuss our findings. We soon discovered there were several problems with our data. First, each group asked slightly different questions so we couldn’t compile the data together. Secondly, some classes had three or more groups come to survey and some had no groups come. Oh, no! We learned from our mistakes though and collectively designed a survey that we would all use. Today we assigned specific classes to groups so that we wouldn’t double up. The students came up with the solutions to our problems themselves, this is the beauty of inquiry based learning, it’s wonderful thing!

After we collected our data the students worked on creating little videos using apps like Sock Puppets and Draw and Tell. I will post some of these tomorrow (I have to sync all the iPads first).

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