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Writing & Speeches

Both the grade fours and fives are working on writing pieces that will become their speeches.  Grade fours are doing informational writing and the grade fives are doing persuasive writing.

Here is our timeline for both classes.

Outline complete                                                      Jan. 17

Rough draft complete                                            Jan. 24

Good Copy & cue cards complete                      Jan. 30

In class presentations                                             Feb.  6 & 7

School competition                                                Feb. 11

Grade 4 – Informational Report

The grade fours have all chosen a topic and we have begun the planning process.  Yesterday we brainstormed together on the topic of Gym.  The students all wrote down something to do with the gym on a stick note and stuck it on our brainstorming chart.


Next, we looked at the ideas and tried to categorize them by similarity.  We decided on three main ideas:  Activities in the the gym, uses for the gym and equipment in the gym.


Next, we looked at our graphic organizer and started putting the ideas onto it.  This is the outline for our writing.

Gym Graphic Organizer

Our goal is to have this outline complete by Friday.

Grade Fives – Persuasive

The grade fives are writing persuasive pieces.  They are trying to convince their audience of an opinion.

First we discussed different reasons to persuade and types of persuasive texts (including advertisements).


We talked about strategies that authors use in their writing to persuade people.

Pathos:  Using emotions to persuade, trying to get your audience to feel angry, sad, happy,guilty…. about an issue.  For example, if you want someone to donate to the cause of pet shelters you might paint a sad picture of animals lives to convince your audience to help.

  • Research:  People are often convinced by research and data.  Graphs can be very persuasive.  This will tie into math later when we study data management.  It’s important to know how data can be manipulated to further a cause.
  • Experts/Celebrities:  Using the names and opinions of famous people or “experts” can be very convincing.  Quotes are often used in persuasive writing.
  • Ethos:  Convincing your audience that you are sincere and believable builds trust and confidence in the author and is persuasive.
  • Kairos:  A sense of urgency.  If you don’t act now, something bad will happen or you will lose and opportunity.  This strategy is often used for sales and by telemarketers.

Here is an overview of the graphic organizer for he grade fives.  I re-created it onto several pages so they have more room to write.

persuasive graphic o

I will change it slightly to have a separate paragraph for the counter-argument and rebuttal.


We looked at a mentor persuasive texts about uniforms in schools.  We analyzed the text, finding the reasons and then the details that support the reasons.   



We also analyzed the text for the use of persuasive strategies.  

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We Walk 4 Water – Water Campaign Launch

After a lot of fun and a lot of work we are ready to launch our water campaign.  

The grade 5/6 students have been working with Mme Moar’s class to create a campaign to raise awareness about the water crisis.  The students learned together about how difficult it is to access clean water in some developing countries.  We also learned about how buying disposable water bottles here at home has many negative impacts on the environment.  Even in Canada, the land of water, we need to conserve. 

On Thursday, May 16th we will be walking to the Lake to collect water.  We will carry large jugs to fill up and carry back to emulate the conditions for women and girls in developing countries.  Except our walk is shorter and our load will be lighter.  We are hoping the radio will play our ad and the local paper will turn up.  Our walk is on the same day that Spencer West’s walk ends.  He has been walking from Edmonton to Calgary to raise money for Free the Children’s campaign for clean water.  His walk is called We Walk 4 Water and can be found here.  Spencer is very inspiring and our classes watched his talk from We Day last year. 

For the next few days I will be posting the students work.  Some photos of poster, some videos, a radio ad, GLOGS and stop-motion animation.


Decimals & Our Persuasive Pieces are Live on the Blogs

Please head over to the students’ individual blogs by clicking on Our Class Blogs to the right.  You will have to click on the link and then you will be there!  I know the students would love to have you chime in with your opinion on the topics they have chosen to write about.  Let them know if they have been persuasive and try to persuade them of your opinion.


Here are some videos of students solving decimal riddles.  Following that will be an explantion of some of  the concepts we are studying. 

We have been learning about decimals for about a week now.    We have worked on the following decimal principles (from Marion Small, Big Ideas from Dr. Small):

  1. Using decimals extends the place value system to represent poarts of a whole. 

2.  The base ten place value system is built on symmetry around the ones place.

3.  Decimals can represent parts of a whole, as well as whole numbers or mixed numbers. 

4.  Decimals can be interpreted and read in more than one way.  For example, students should be comfortable reading 3.2 as  32 tenths AND 32 hundredths.  We try to avoid using the terms 3 point 2 or 3 decimal 2.    Decimals can be modeled with money, base ten blocks, ten-frames and more. 

ten frame

represent many ways

5.  Decimals can be renamed as other decimals or fractions. 

decimal fraction

More to come this week – estimating – VERY IMPORTANT!


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The Art of Persuasion – More Than Just a Jedi Mind Trick

darth vader


The students have been working on a persuasive writing piece for quite awhile now. We’ve gone through the first draft and peer revision. Some have posted their final drafts on their blogs. I’m hopeful that all the final drafts will be on the blogs by the end of this week.

Persuasion is everywhere in our society. Everywhere. Companies, governments, peers, colleagues, friends, mentors; all try to persuade us of something. It’s important for us to understand persuasion so we can deconstruct it and analyse it. This is why we will be commenting on one another’s persuasive blog posts. The students will be using the comments to argue against all the points made in the post. I want the students to purposely choose a post they agree with so that they have to work to come up with counter points.

Hopefully this task will open their minds to different perspectives and maybe blur the line between black and white a little.

Stay tuned and link to the class blogs via the tab on the right.  The posts and the comments will be grade using this rubric.

We’ll be following this up with media analysis of ads and public service announcements. We’ve already talked about how statistics and graphs are manipulated for persuasion and we will look at that in depth.

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