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Taking Notes, Asking Questions – Mean & Data Analysis

Today we will be learning about the reading comprehension strategy “Asking Questions” or Questioning.  Good readers ask questions as they read.  When reading for information, good reader’s also take notes to help them clarify questions and remember the content.  Our class is learning the reading strategy asking questions at the same time as the writing skill, note taking.  Deciding what is important is an important skill and it depends on the reader/writer’s purpose.  Why am I reading this book or article?  If it’s for information for a project then I need to know what my topic is.   Our main purpose in this instance was to write a summary, so we need to focus on the main idea.  Our questions will be answered later when we are reading for different purposes.

Asking Questions

The students are reading an article from Time Magazine for Kids.  The article is about child labour and it starts with a story about a boy in Ecuador who works on a banana plantation.  Some of the students highlighted personal information about him.  We need to have the discussion, is that information the main idea of this article?  Since we are writing a summary we need to focus on main ideas. 

Here is a sample of a students’ annotations:



Next up, answering our questions and questioning the source of information for validity and bias.

Mme. Walton, Mme. Moar and I were having a debate about mean (average) the other day.  We were trying to figure out a real life situation, other than grades, where mean is useful (and we thought that it might not be that useful for grades, or genuine assessment).  We each came up with an idea and then decided, no, that’s not really useful.  Mme. Walton thought of the shoe store owner and inventory.  So my class and I put all our shoe sizes up on the board and found the mean which was 5.5.  I asked if we should order more sixe 5.5 shoes than any other size and we quickly decided no, we shouldn’t.  The useful average for ordering would be mode.  Hmmm.  What about grades.  If Mr. Date (our principal) came and asked me the mean for the last test we did, would it help him understand how my class is doing on the measurement strand?  Hmmm.  Not really.  So tonight the students are supposed to ask their parents for a situation in which they think the mean would be truly useful.  Mme.  Walton, Mme.  Moar and I decided it’s probably only useful for marketing, to mislead the public into buying a product or an idea.  What do you think?

In the meantime, the students are solving a crime using Data Analysis:

math task


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