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Show – Don’t Tell & Area of Polygons

Today in English we talked more about entertaining the reader.  It’s the author’s job to keep the reader interested.  When we tell it’s kind of boring, if we show, then the reader has to infer a bit and it’s more entertaining.

We started by talking about character’s emotions versus traits.  Emotions change frequently, often many times during one day.  For example, I may wake up late and my little sister is in the bathroom and I really need to have  a shower fast or I’ll miss the bus.  I might feel frustrated and angry at my sister.  Then at school I’m happy to see my friends and play during recess.  I’m even happier during math because it’s so fun….  ;0.  My emotions have changed.  My traits don’t change much, or if they do, it happens over time.  For example, my daughters are both really creative and love to draw.  This is true no matter what they are feeling. 

Here is an example of telling about an emotion:

This sentence is very boring.  It tells me that Bill is boring but it doesn’t show me.  This one is much better:

 After we looked a several examples of an author showing emotions we did a little drama activity.  The students were gieven a scerario and they had to act it out, showing the emotions of the character they were playing.  I tried to post all the videos about 10 times and something wacky was happening with the blog, it posted the same one over and over so I will try again tomorrow. If you want to watch them over on my channel on YouTube here is the link to my channel.

Tomorrow we will write desriptive paragraphs that show, don’t tell a character’s emotions.

And the it was math….

We are still working on Area & Perimeter.  The grade fives solved problems in their text books using the area of a rectangle:

The grade 6s had a problem that required them to figure out how to find the area of a square:

Then they cut the square into two congruent triangles and figured out the area of those (we did not give them the formula as they had to problem solve to get the formula themselves):

Most of the students did figure the area out using l x w / 2 = A

 Mr. B consolidated the learning at the end by showing the 6s the standard notations for the formula:


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