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Student Blogging Challenge

We are joining the Student Blogging Challenge.  We’ve been off to a bit of a rocky start with our blogs as our first platform company suddenly decided to charge money so we decided to switch over to Blogger.  Blogger is a better platform anyway though and is part of the whole Google system that we are using in class so it really worked out for the best.  It has just delayed us a bit.


The Challenge is a way for teachers and students from around the world to connect and learn about blogging whilst learning about one another and different cultures.  Blogging gives students a genuine audience for their writing, an audience that can give feedback.  An important part of the challenge is commenting on other blogs thus improving our communication skills.


Every week there are a variety of blogging challenges to choose from.  In the beginning, we write about ourselves, how to leave quality comments and about Copywrite law and proper attribution.  Then we get into deeper issues and ideas.  I am excited about the challenge and we have already connected with a class in New Zealand, Mrs. Hogg’s class which is an International Baccalaureate PYP class.






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